“Love is that condition in which the happiness of
another person is essential to your own.”

Robert A. Heinlein


Who We Help

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like:

  • “How can my business thrive AND make a positive difference in the world?”
  • “How can I lead effectively when everything is so busy, complex and uncertain?”
  • “How can we keep aligned on priorities and informed on progress…without drowning in information overload?”
  • “How can we create and maintain a culture in which everyone can be and do their best? Where everyone is clear about what they’re supposed to do, and highly motivated to do it?”
  • “What will happen to my organisation when it’s time for me to leave my leadership role?”

…then read on.

threefold Consulting can help make your business more resilient, agile and conscious. We do this by working at three levels:

  • Individual. We help leaders become calmer, more centered and effective in this complex and rapidly-changing world. They’ll improve business results through bringing out the best in themselves and others, achieving fresh insights and innovative ideas, and making decisions benefiting a wider range of stakeholders.
  • Organisational. We can guide your leadership team through the implementation of a technology-enabled method that builds and sustains a resilient business. Your organisation will become aligned on an inspiring purpose and shared values. Employees will become happier and more productive, clearer about their responsibilities, more accountable, and able to efficiently agree priorities and keep track of actions without overwhelming email traffic. The various parts of your business will support one another and silo-thinking will be dramatically reduced. All aspects of your business will be able to be successfully handed over time and time again.
  • Systemic. We can help your business become more innovative and agile, quicker to evolve in response to change. You’ll gather great ideas from all parts of the business and its stakeholders and find creative solutions to complex problems.

About Your Business

Your business is about people – the people who work for you, buy from you, and are affected by your decisions. A purpose-led, conscious business cares about all these people, not just the few. These types of businesses are a positive force in the world, and more successful. In Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose Raj Sisodia, Professor of Global Business at Babson College, shows that between 1998 and 2013 a sample of 28 U.S. publically traded conscious businesses outperformed the S&P 500 in all time horizons, giving 14 times the cumulative returns of the S&P 500 over 15 years.

Just “Caring” Isn’t Enough

Of course you care about these things. Who wouldn’t? But sometimes just caring isn’t enough. As a caring business owner you want to make a difference as well as an income. You want to make a good living, care for those around you, and leave the world in a better state. And you want to be happy. But everything’s getting so busy and complex, and changing so quickly, it’s a struggle to keep up. Maybe you’re even beginning to wonder what it’s all for.

Success Stories

“...engages you to reflect authentically and encourages you into action”

I have experienced guided reflection with Fiona. She has the knack of getting to the heart of the matter as a strong listener with great empathy and understanding. She gently engages you to reflect authentically and encourages you into action. I strongly recommend her leadership services.”

Executive Coach, Management Consultant : Coaching and Consulting

We Need to Think Differently

We’re taught to solve problems by breaking them into static pieces and analysing the pieces separately. Yet that’s not how things work. Everything is a system within a system, from the smallest cell in our bodies to the universe itself. And everything is interconnected and constantly changing. So when we think about things as though they’re separate and unchanging, it just doesn’t work. We think we’ve solved a problem, only to find our fix has caused issues somewhere else. Or, what we thought was the problem wasn’t the problem at all.

So… What Can You Do?

For a start, slow down to see more clearly.

How can you afford to slow down when the world is moving so fast? Well… how can you afford NOT to?! Slowing down helps your brain to function differently. When you slow down you access a different type of thinking that lets you sense the wider system, which means your solutions are more helpful. You become calmer, more focused, and better able to understand your own deeper needs as well as other peoples’ perspectives. Happier. And more effective.

Build your organisation as a meaning-driven, integrated and adaptable system. Traditional organisations are designed in pieces to fit a predicted future. When things don’t work we try to fix the piece that’s malfunctioning. But the problem is often not in the isolated piece, it’s in the relationship between the pieces, or triggered somewhere else entirely. Or maybe we got our prediction wrong.

By designing and operating your business as interconnected and adaptable you make it resilient, so it thrives even after you’ve moved on. By building it on sound business principles and practices you make it robust. And by instilling it with meaning and values you create a company people want to work for, buy from, sell to and invest in. A financially sustainable business that does good in the world, today and tomorrow. One you and your employees are excited to go to every day.

Address challenges within your business by consciously considering your wider business environment, including parts otherwise unnoticed until something goes wrong. By exploring more widely and deeply you discover innovative ideas, delight a wider range of stakeholders, and nurture connections within yourself and with others.




About Fiona Brooks and threefold

When I left school I hadn’t yet found my purpose in life. I enjoyed Applied Mathematics and aesthetics so I studied Civil Engineering (it made sense at the time), including becoming a Master of Engineering Science.

Then I graduated into a recession and changed direction. For 15 years I worked in the oil industry in Australia, Asia and the Middle East in roles from managing truck drivers and running fuel distribution terminals through redesigning transport logistics to being General Manager of Western Australia’s largest domestic gas marketing agency.

I spent six years as a management consultant in strategy, business process improvement, and team development and alignment. But while this was stimulating and fun, something was missing. Most people were leaving their hearts at home. Humans were seen as a means to make money rather than the reason for business’s existence. This was creating cynicism and a lack of engagement in employees, customers, suppliers and investors, resulting in a huge waste of potential. And most businesses were harming the planet on which we all depend.

So I dropped everything to retrain and launch threefold. I’d finally found my passion…and this is it.

A world where businesses are profitably operated from a place of love and connection, seeking to increase the wellbeing of all they touch.

Our Team

I work with a highly-trained, values-aligned and simply awesome network of people so we can, individually and collectively, ensure you get the best possible support. Two of my most regular collaborators are Andre Burki of Burki Leadership and Doug Aberle of Marple Bridge.

In addition, if for any reason I’m not your best fit I’ll happily help you to find someone who is. I want your business to nurture the world, delight people and prosper, that’s my priority.

The threefold Approach

Imagine a world where businesses are profitably operated from a place of love and connection…

  • Improving the lives of those they touch, including future generations
  • Helping people fulfil the potential within themselves and their organisations
  • Becoming places where employees bring their whole selves to work
  • Building connection and community

If you’re a business owner or leader looking to make a difference as well as a living then build the business you’d choose to work in if you weren’t the boss.

Help your business thrive by working with threefold Consulting in any or all of these areas:

Conscious Leadership
Become more centered and effective in a complex and uncertain world. Improve results. Bring out the best in yourself and others. Gain fresh insights and innovative ideas. Make wiser decisions that benefit a wider range of stakeholders.
Find out more…

Conscious Business
Build a productive, innovative culture that inspires and retains staff. Create role clarity and deep collaboration within and outside the organisation. Establish the ability to successfully hand over all aspects of your business.
Find out more…

Conscious Solutions
Increase organisational innovation. Spot great ideas in unexpected places. Evolve your organisation to meet the world’s changing needs. Overcome complex challenges.
Find out more…

If you’re craving space to think and see more clearly, looking for a time-effective way to make your business more resilient, or seeking solutions to complex business problems… let’s chat.


Success Stories

“Empathetic, respectful, self-aware, honest.”

“Fiona is empathetic, respectful, self-aware, honest and determined. Where others barge ahead with bombast and bluster, Fiona moves just as far more consciously and carefully. She has a big, smart brain – honed in learning and applying engineering skills and leading huge projects – and this couples nicely with her care for others and determination to make a positive difference. She makes me think.”

Director, Professional Speaker, Facilitator : Education Management

  1. Conscious Leadership
  2. Conscious Business
  3. Conscious Solutions

"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

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