“If you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are heading”

Lao Tzu

Conscious Leadership
Consulting Services

threefold Consulting helps organisations make a positive difference in the world as well as good income. We do this by offering three distinct services, each aimed at a different aspect of the organisation.

About Our Services

There are several common elements to our service offerings–elements which underpin our entire approach. These common elements are:

  • A mindful approach designed to encourage systemic thinking
  • A focus on finding and pursuing meaning, purpose and values in business
  • A holistic solution rather than a series of point solutions
  • Customised to suit leaders’ and organisations’ specific needs

The three service areas are:

Conscious Leadership (for individuals)

  • Helps leaders become calmer, more centered, innovative, empathetic and effective in busy, complex and rapidly-changing environments
  • A series of one-to-one sessions tailored around the individual’s challenges and preferred learning style
  • Ideal for those making decisions with many unknowns, including but not limited to CEOs, business owners and other leaders whose decisions directly affect the future of the organisation
  • Foundation for effecting personal and organisational change, building engagement, and dealing with complex business challenges


Conscious Business (for organisations)

  • An ongoing process in which an organisation implements a series of initiatives that help it to operate more sustainably and consciously
  • Full system solution addressing all aspects of the organisation
  • Based on the ADAPT by Design methodology and underpinned by the embedADAPT technology
  • Flexible approach that can adapt to changing goals and challenges
  • Ideal for businesses or departments of up to approximately 500 people
  • Results in a motivated and empowered workforce within a resilient business capable of adapting to rapidly changing conditions and thriving even as leaders or owners move on


Conscious Solutions (for products and processes)

  • Custom designed workshop series designed to innovate the organisation’s products and processes
  • Ideal for organisations striving to be innovative and/or facing challenging business environments
  • Great for dealing with complex challenges involving multiple stakeholders



If you’re not sure which of these services is best for what you’re trying to achieve then
please connect with us to discuss your needs.

  1. Conscious Leadership
  2. Conscious Business
  3. Conscious Solutions

"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

Finding Your Purpose – Why and how to do it