“Insanity is doing the same thing
over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Conscious Solutions

Who Is This For?

  • Do you want to add real value for your customers, so they become your raving fans?
  • Are you looking for innovative solutions to complex business challenges?
  • Would you like to find great ideas in unexpected places? Ideas that expand the pie for all your stakeholders?
  • Are you keen to evolve your organisation to meet the world’s changing needs?
  • Do you want to be proud to show others, including your children, the impact your business has had in the world?

How it Works

We’re taught to solve problems by breaking them into static pieces and analysing the pieces separately.

Yet that’s not how things work.

Everything is a system within a system, from the smallest cell in our bodies to the universe itself. And everything is interconnected and constantly changing. So when we think about things as though they’re separate and unchanging, it just doesn’t work. We think we’ve fixed a problem, only to find our fix has caused issues somewhere else. Or, what we thought was the problem wasn’t the problem at all.

The only way to make great business decisions is to deeply understand the system within which and for which the decision is being made. And the only way to deeply understand the system is to examine it first-hand with a high quality of consciousness.

When you take a cross-section of your stakeholders on a well-guided journey you discover a wealth of previously-unimagined understanding. Using this understanding you can develop new ideas such as systems, products or processes that improve the bottom line, the workplace and life in general for all involved.

Success Stories

“I highly recommend [Fiona’s] consulting sessions if you would like to create an exceptional business.”

“Fiona is a highly skilled professional who is passionate about her work. She understands the complex challenges businesses face and draws on a unique combination of methodologies that facilitates personal and systemic reflection and change. In my experience, her approach, expertise and energy creates a truly safe and supportive reflective space to co-create awareness on very diverse issues with ease. She has a unique and very effective way of creating clarity and coming up with possible solutions. I highly recommend her consulting sessions if you would like to create an exceptional business.”


The Conscious Solutions Process

We custom-design and facilitate a series of workshops to take you and your stakeholders on a journey to explore the aspects of your system most relevant to the decisions you need to make. A regular Conscious Solutions collaborator, one of the “highly-trained, values-aligned and simply awesome network of people” mentioned in the About page, is Leadership and Team coach Andre Burki. This collaboration brings additional richness through Andre’s deep international experience and reflective and caring nature.

Through the Conscious Solutions program you’ll become more self-aware, build deeper connections with your stakeholders, find innovative ideas and make widely-beneficial decisions of which you can be proud.

From Mackey, J and Sisodia R (2013), Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, p70 “…if we look for trade-offs, we always will find them. If we look for synergies across stakeholders, we can usually find those too.”

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"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

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